Trip Grade

Mountaing Bike Trip Grade

We believe in individual differences that mean we all have different level of riding in a person to person. In other hand trails grading system in different part of the world has different dimension. Our home playground is different it is because we have no bike parks in Nepal and our cycling association has not conducted the official grading yet. So we tried to keep simple so that our grading will give an idea to our participants. We are always here to carter the need of every participant no matter what their physical and technical level is! We have already crafted all kind of tours from easy family styles, moderate ride for intermediate riders and moderate hard (challenging) rides for intermediate to advanced riders. We can cope up with all the level of participants to make sure all our guest/rider are happy based on their physical, technical and social needs while with us in their holiday.

It is always hard to Judge the grade of the route and ourselves when heading to different location and different country. However, no matter where we go there are some important factors that detect the grade of the trails. That is uphill and downhill with technical section, high altitude and distance. We tried our best to keep it simple by installing in 3 grades which is given below.

Tour/Trek Grading

Our hiking and trekking tours have something to offer for everyone, from those who enjoy an easy, gentle walk to long distance trekkers. Our grading indicator for our trekking holidays ranges from Easy to Strenuous that gives a general idea of what you can expect from the many different trips we offer. It is just an idea and we will give you more detailed info on the particular trip that you are interested please ask more questions regarding your particular trip and related destinations. Here are the short descriptions of the grade as follow.

Note: our trails are much harder than anywhere in the world it is because the nature of topography intense climbs high altitude and uneven off the beaten path and climate are the most influencing factors for our ride.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, we are very happy to help you to choose the right trip and make a wonderful holiday in Nepal.