Giving back to our community

Pokhara Mountain Bike is a pioneer in Nepal starting the trend to give back to the community while running an ethical, responsible and sustainable business. Pokhara Mountain Bike has built a reputation for offering free weekly mountain bike training to local disadvantaged children. We organize free coaching to those children who otherwise would have no access to ride mountain bikes because their parents cannot afford to buy bikes for them. We also offer mentoring and job opportunities to those who have less opportunity to access mainstream society due to their lower social background. We are proud to share our achievement that some children we trained have already become guides on our team. We have been organizing free health screening camps in rural areas and also provide school support (stationery, monthlytuition fee, uniforms and counseling) to needy children and street children from the slum communities of Pokhara and rural areas in the mountains. Pokhara Mountain Bike takes pride in being a local company supporting good causes and doing our part to give back to our community.

We do our best to include small initiatives into almost everything we do to get involved to make the world a better place. We are very thankful to those organizations and individuals who have joined hands with us to insure that our initiatives are successful by offering knowledge, time, funds and awareness. We are also very thankful to all our clients who have supported us by choosing to spend their holidays with us in Nepal.

Here is a list of projects we have completed in our community: