Introducing the first and well equipped Bicycle repair workshop in Pokhara, Nepal!


Welcome to the Mountain Bike and Bicycle Workshop at PMTBA in Nepal. It is our great pleasure to inform you that we are the first bicycle workshop equipped with Unior, Park tools and Fox MTB tools in workshop, where our dedicated team of professionals mechanics who are passionate about bicycle repair, servicing and keeping the Mountain bike in excellent working condition for rental as well as for the customer's bicycle servicing in Pokhara, Nepal.

As industry pioneers, we are excited to share our knowledge and expertise with local MTB and bicycle shop, promoting and supporting local bicycle mechanics and fostering a thriving cycling culture in Pokhara, Nepal. We love Collaboration and sharing our knowledge with like-minded people and business which is important at PMTBA, and we strive to contribute to the growth of the cycling culture and community in Pokhara, Nepal.

Our workshop is fully equipped with the latest tools and equipment, including UNIOR MTB workshop tools, Park tools, crank brother, BBB/BLT, Syncros MTB tools, and Fox repair tools. This ensures that we can handle all your bicycle repair and maintenance needs. The team of well experienced mechanics, with over 20 years of learning and doing, trial and error, and up-to-date training which made us strong, confident in repair and servicing Trek, Giant, Scott, and other popular brands bicycles in Pokhara Nepal. 

Our Bicycle work shop is open for 7 days in a week, whether your bicycle or Mountain Bike needs servicing, repairs, or part replacements, our skilled team is ready to help. The PMTBA workshop stands for diverse and advance mechanical services along with bike wash, bike packing, and bike delivery to make your bicycle repair that provides hassle-free and enjoyable MTB rides in Nepal.

When it comes to parts and components, we prioritize using high-quality products from renowned brands like Shimano, Sram, Fun, Syncros, Bontrager, Muc-off and more. Your satisfaction and the optimal performance of your bike are our top priorities in Pokhara, Nepal. 

Visit our workshop today to experience our professional expertise and exceptional bicycle repair service in personal touch. PMTBA team and friendly mechanics and knowledgeable staff would be so happy to assist your mechanical issues on the bicycle and Mountain Bike before and after your rides.

For your information, our Bicycle workshop is located in Nepal, and getting parts is not that easy. Please keep in mind that the availability of specific parts and services may take some times to get them. We humbly request you to visit our workshop or contact us directly for the most up-to-date information about available of parts that you need and please mention us or ask us about the Mountain bike repair service or parts replacement your bicycle needs.  We also have bike parts available and replacement service in our bicycle workshop.  Trust and rely on PMTBA workshop for reliable repairs, dependable servicing, and an unmatched biking experience that will leave you stress-free on the trail in your holiday or for a day rides in Pokhara, Nepal. 

Bicycle and Mountain Bike full servicing in PMTBA

A full servicing for a mountain bike and Bicycle at PMTBA workshop includes a comprehensive inspection and maintenance of various components to ensure optimal performance and safety. The specific services provided may vary slightly to other bike shop in Pokhara, but here are the commonly included tasks in a full servicing what we have been offering in Pokhara Nepal.

Frame and Fork Inspection: Checking for any cracks, dents, or structural issues in the frame and fork.

Drivetrain inspection: Cleaning the chain, cassette, chain rings, and derailleurs, followed by lubricating them for smooth operation also check whether replacement service needed or not.

Brake System Adjustment: Adjusting the brake pads, checking brake cables and housing for wear, and ensuring proper braking performance.

Gear System Adjustment: Tuning the front and rear derailleurs, ensuring accurate shifting and proper alignment.

Wheel Inspection and Truing: Checking the wheels for true alignment and roundness, making necessary adjustments and spoke tension to ensure proper wheel performance.

Tire Inspection and Inflation: Inspecting the tires for wear and damage, inflating them to the recommended pressure, and addressing any punctures or tire-related issues.

Headset and Bottom Bracket Inspection: Checking the headset and bottom bracket for smooth operation and tightness, making adjustments if necessary.

Suspension System Maintenance: If your mountain bike has suspension forks or rear shocks, the servicing may include checking the suspension for proper functioning, adjusting the sag, and lubricating the stanchions.

Bearing Inspection and Lubrication: Inspecting and lubricating the bearings in the hubs, bottom bracket, and headset to ensure smooth operation.

Cleaning and Polishing: Cleaning the bike thoroughly, including the frame, drivetrain, and other components. Polishing the frame and other parts to enhance their appearance.

Safety Check: Conducting a comprehensive safety check to identify any potential safety issues and addressing them appropriately.

 If you need further info in a specific mechanical needs please feel free write or visit our workshop and consult with our professional mechanics for the cost of  full servicing package.

Mountain Bikes and Bicycle half servicing includes these tasks at PMTBA

Our half MTB and bicycles servicing typically includes the following services

Basic Inspection: The bike will be visually inspected to identify any obvious issues or damage.

Brake Adjustment: The brakes will be inspected and adjusted to ensure proper functioning.

Gear Adjustment: The gears will be inspected and adjusted to ensure smooth shifting.

Chain Lubrication: The bike's chain will be lubricated to reduce friction and extend its lifespan.

Tire Check and Inflation: The tires will be inspected for any signs of wear or damage, and they will be inflated to the recommended pressure.

Wheel Truing: The wheels will be checked for any wobbles or misalignment, and adjustments will be made to ensure they are true and straight.

Bearing Inspection: The headset, bottom bracket, and hub bearings will be checked for any signs of wear or play.

Bolt and Nut Tightening: All the bolts and nuts on the bike will be checked and tightened as necessary to ensure they are secure.

Check the frame and wipe-down: The bike's frame will be cleaned and wiped down to remove any dirt or grime from the Bicycle or Mountain bike.

 If you need further info in a specific mechanical needs please feel free write or visit our workshop and  consult with our professional mechanics for the cost of half servicing package.

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