Mountain Biking/cycling coaching courses

“Wheels of our life and wheels of our bike”

Pokhara Mountain Bike adventure is the pioneer mountain company and has been operating world class mountain biking tours in the Himalayas since 15 years. The team from Pokhara Mountain bike adventure has trained many local youths to become a guide as well as to train them to be physically, mentally and socially sound. This practice has gained a belief that we should open a coaching session to the people who has interest on mountain biking/cycling as well as to the school children who otherwise be staying in a room either on laptop, mobile or video game. We have designed the course to make better improvement is shorter time frame by a series of skills, sessions on a theory and practical based approach. We are flexible with an individual or group course as per the participant’s requirements. We have theory in our Mtb School and practical on the real trail then feedback on individually or group wise then application of those feedback on the practice. Our coached are certified by Mountain Bike Coaching UK. Here are the courses we offer below.

Contact us for further information regarding daily session and practice.