Frequently Asked Question

You can purchase tourist visa on arrival in Tribhuwan international airport at Kathmandu and should be bought in cash in US dollars. If you like to purchase your visa online in advance than check it out at www.visahq.com>
Our office is located on beautiful city Pokhara the gate way to Annapurna Himalayan range. It is known as adventure destination where you have so many opportunities to celebrate your holiday.
We are flexible with numbers of participant in a group from minimum 2 people to maximum 10 people in a group. We always prefer to operate small group to make assure that everyone has the best experience possible and have the same level of biking to have the fun on bike as far as possible. However if there are different level of people in a group we provide more guides to address the individual’s physical and technical demand.
We will be encountering varieties of trails in our biking trips. We have All Mountain, XC and Enduro oriented trips that suited to all level from Novice to advance riders. We would expect our participant has general knowledge of shifting, braking, body position, uphill and downhill riding. However we are happy to offer the trip to Novice, intermediate and pro-riders. We have separate trails to address the demand of novice, intermediate and professional riders.
We would say all-mountain bike! however depends on what types of ride you will be doing here in our playground. We do have all-mountain, cross country and Enduro/downhill oriented ride so based on yours selection the types of ride you can decide to bring your bike. We would recommend minimum 120mm 140 travel front and rear. If your preference is hard tail riding then it is ok to ride on hard tail also. Please feel free to contact us for further info.
We would recommend aggressive thread for this ride as we will be encountering rough, muddy, dusty, loose sandy and hard dry trails. It is better to have Maxxis Ardent 2.3 and 2.4 for all mountain rides but if you are signed on Enduro/downhill trip we would recommend Maxxis high roller 2.3 and 2.4, you can bring same quality tires from Bontrager or Schwalbe.
Generally we cover distance each day varies from place to place. Usually we will ride from 15 km to 55 km in a day. As we will be riding on high altitude, we will gain height gradually during the trip to make sure that your body become accustomed and adapt to the altitude gain. Our team leader will speak each evening and give you info of the types of trails you will be riding next day.
We will be transporting your entire luggage on Jeep where accessible by road and if not accessible by road then we will transport your luggage on plane and there will be porter to carry your luggage on the Mountain while you will be riding. You only need to carry a day pack with your camel bag with energy bars, windcheater, sun blocks and tools that you may use them to repair your bike just in case. Your luggage will transfer to your next accommodation each day before your arrival in most of the days. Regarding your bike bag we will be stored in our office and you will re-pack your bike after the trip.
We are the authorized dealer of Scott bikes in Pokhara, Nepal. We have high quality mountain bikes available in our store. We have sports hard tail, All-mountain and Enduro/downhill bikes available in store.
We will send you detailed clothing and equipment check list in advance after your confirmation for the trip.

We ride all year round. In western world there are 4 seasons. But, in Nepal We have 6 seasons in a year which is called.

  1. Basant Ritu (spring Season): Spring (Basant Ritu) spans for two month Chaitra and Baisakh (Mid-March to Mid-April). Right after winter (Shishir Ritu) new buds grown in trees and flowers boom in this season. The temperature is just right not too cold either too hot. This season is windy season. Most of the attractive aspect of this season is booming rhododendron flowers, the national flower of Nepal.
  2. Grishma Ritu (summer): it’s a summer season in Nepal that spans for two month Jestha and Ashad (Mid-May to Mid-July) this time of the year is hot and humid, the flowers fall down and fruits grows on trees. It is best time for plantation and agriculture; farmers get busy this time of the year. We will have opportunity to eat local fruits like mangoes and berries
  3. Barsha Ritu (Rainy season): it is rainy season in Nepal it spans for 2 months, Sharwan and ends in Bhadra (Mid-July to Mid-September). It this season hot, humid and rainy time of the year. There are chances to get land slides and flooding in river but hills are so green and lush. Our trails get muddy and slippery but still ride able. Farmers are busy in the field celebrating their glory of plantation dreaming of harvesting the crops.
  4. Sharad Ritu( Autumn season): Sharad Season in Nepal is considered one of the best season to visit Nepal, starts from Aswin and ends in kartik(mid-September to mid-November). This season of festival and lots of celebration has more cultural and religious value and we can learn so much. It’s more fun time of the year.
  5. Hemant Ritu: it is a pre-winter season in Nepal, it starts in Mangsir and ends in Poush (Mid-November to Mid-January). This is the crops harvesting time in Nepal. Temperature gets cooler.
  6. Shishir Ritu (winter season): this season starts in Magh and ends in Falgun (Mid-January to mid-march) it is the coldest season of the year. During this time sky get clear in the morning and foggy during the day on and off. It’s also snow falls in high altitudes. It is also good to ride bikes and trek but in the mountain very cold at night. You should prepare with good warm clothe to deal with it.

Its 6 seasons but covers by 4 seasons as you have in western world. Our temperature from-6 degree to 15 degree Celsius in winter and 0 degree ( at higher altitude) to 16 degree Celsius in spring, 2 degree Celsius (at night in high altitude) to 32 degree Celsius in lower land). If you need details weather and temperature of your holiday schedule please feel free to contact us.

As Nepal has very unique and diverse topography from Top of the world ,higher mountains, alps types of vegetation , hills, sub-tropical to tropical plain in the Tarai region which would be your biking play ground with us in Nepal. Its geology and cultural wise it’s an amazing culture, lovely people, wonderful sceneries, typical lifestyles of people and wide ranges of trails to suit your styles of riding. It is suited for novice, intermediate and advance riders and sport level bikers who like to enjoy the holiday on lap of the Himalayas. You will experience gentle to intense climb with some technical parts also flowy downhill with single-tracks and double track, we will be biking through paddy field terraces, mountain goat walking and people walking natural trail with some challenging technical parts. We will ride through high altitude trails by gradual climb to make sure that there we will be do enough acclimatization for our body to get accustomed to the high altitude. If you like to ride only on lower altitude we also can make an itinerary for you based on your available time.
On our more than 13 years history on mountain biking in high altitude there is no serious altitude sickness problem recorded.
You can get exchanger USD to NPR at airport where money changing facility will be available. Once you are in Kathmandu and Pokhara there are plenty of money changer and ATM machine to access cash by your card.
Our team would love to help you in this regards, we have well equipped workshop with well trained Mechanic s. we can handle it very safe and check to make sure the condition of the bike is good enough to handle the trails.

We would like to make you assure that we will do our best to avoid such kind of medical problems/accidents to be happen but we never know what comes the next as mountain biking is inherently risky sports. Also we never can judge our health we only can do is prepare our team to deal with the situation. We are well trained first aider on outdoor sports and we are very aware how to deal with emergency situation to save someone’s life. Our guides will carry first aid kits in their day packs, as well as in our Jeep. There will be always one guide in front and another on the back, so checking on the situation they will act according to the situation, like call nearby health center or well equipped hospital for medical support. Your safety is our number one priority. If he/she needs emergency evacuation then our guide will contact directly to helicopter or they will directly contact in our office and from office we will immediately organize helicopter rescue/jeep support based on their medical situational demand. Our guide will have access to call hospital, office and local support all the time and they are fully qualified what to do the next.


We really take care of your diet what you like to eat. You can choose your food from our menu card each and every place we go. We are very happy to arrange especial kitchen for you and also you can choose your favorite food based on local availability.
Our team is fully equipped with well trained guides and supporting staff. Our guides are passionate riders and they love what they do. Our guides will be with you all the time as per need on any technical suggestion, skill or mechanical support you might need while riding. In our team there are experts who deal on certain disciplines, like XC, all mountain and Enduro/DH. So based on your riding style we will recommend the experts who can lead your style of riding with lots of fun. Our guides will be always next to you if any support needed on the trip.
You can expect locally available food with good source of energy to make your ride even more fruitful also delicious on local taste. In Kathmandu and Pokhara we will be eating in a local or lots of variety of authentic food that you can pick up the best one from a Menu card. In the mountain we will be taking Dalbhat (Nepali food), noodles, bread, eggs, potatoes, yak burgers, rice and locally available food that you can choose every day.
We will be staying in variety of accommodations on our trip. We will be staying in 2 to 3 star level hotel /guest house in Kathmandu and Pokhara. In the mountain we will be staying in best guest house/tea house which is available locally. We can send you some pictures of our accommodations and links of some reviews where we will be staying once you confirm the trip with us. We will also be staying in tea houses operated by family in mountain which will offer you an opportunity to get to know real Nepalese life style.
PMTBA is always believed on our guest’s need and interest. We always happy to listen you and your wishes what you like to do. Your full satisfaction motto. Yes we can organize a private trip for you as per your convenient schedule.
Yes! We are authorized biking and trekking company and we have team member who have done trekking in Annapurna, Everest, Manaslu and Dhaulagiri region. We can help you to organize all your outdoor activities so that you do not have to dig many websites for the same work we can do easily for you as we have consortium partners to work together in tourism industries. Let us know what are your ideas or schedule for trekking, rafting and other activities.
As a service oriented and responsible company we take full responsibility to organize your pick up and drop at Kathmandu airport with full of good memories from your holiday with us in Nepal.