We have blended mountain biking, hiking and yoga treat which is a real bless and retreat to make balance of the mind, body and soul. Hiking, biking and yoga is a venture deep into the high Himalayas, exotic foothills, peaceful lake and chanting river valleys and serene landscapes of Nepal, we will take you to all the secret, silent places that will make your feel this trip is really a bliss. This amazing trip will reward you by hike/bike and relax through stretch and breathe.

This unique retreat combines the thrill of Hiking, mountain biking with the bliss of yoga, for those who are either trail-maker or freedom-seeker, after a long research our team has recently unfold this package that will take you to the path of discovery the peace of mind, body and spirit. Nepal is the perfect place to organize your retreat on Hike, Bike and yoga, as it has so much to offer to make your holiday wonderful. We will take you to the secret and holy places where you will experience peace of mind and you will feel and insist very special energy around.

Designed for all levels of adventure and with optional activities, we can tailor your ideal trip to your level of fitness and budget. There is something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you choose hiking and yoga, Biking and yoga or Hike, bike, raft and yoga in one go! There are optional venture with a camping or tea houses and hotel based tours. Please send us an email to make a tailor made trip as per your interest and plan. If you looking for such a trip let us know your schedule, interest and time frame.

uxuary Travel Award

We were nominated and proudly won Holiday & Tour Specialist and the Best Bike Tour Operator of the Year for Nepal! for 2016.

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