Upper Mustang Mountain Biking Holidays

Why Upper Mustang is best for mountain biking holiday in Nepal?

The Upper Mustang, the forbidden kingdom of Lo has become an iconic place and very popular for mountain biking holiday in Nepal which has been attracting many mountain biking lovers, individuals, club, communities and tour operators from around the world. It’s the ideal place to ride on your mountain bike holiday that you can see more and more hidden treasures and untouched lifestyle of Mustang people and amazing landscapes. Upper Mustang was restricted and closed before 1992 to the foreign travellers. It has become of one the best and unique mountain biking in Nepal.

Amazing Landscapes of Upper Mustang

The landscapes in Upper Mustang looks like dried-out ocean as you can see amazing formation of the hills and mountains in unique shape which you cannot see anywhere in the world. It’s very special because once you looked from your toes to the sky there you can see so many colors that will make you feel so pleased. Strong wind howls through the Kali River valley almost all throughout the year that has created the formation of caves and beautiful landscapes from ages. Being a rain shadow area Mustang receives very little or no rain during monsoon which offer an opportunity to do mountain biking in Upper Mustang.

Unique Cultural  experience in Upper Mustang

Upper Mustang is very rich in its unique culture; all the cultural practice and religion is based on the Tibetan Buddhism. The concept of Karma, the law of cause and effect and the belief in reincarnation. Fascinating history of forbidden kingdom of Lo and Lo-manthang, local cuisine, elaborated architecture of the monasteries and houses will give you an experience of unique culture in the world. Loba culture and practice is very interesting topic to get to know it’s very unique to have polyandry where a woman can get married to several men in a same house and community. They claim this practice is fair to keep the property undivided in the family and community.

Mountain biking off-the beaten trails in Upper Mustang

Upper Mustang is one of the most popular mountain biking destinations in Nepal which offers an authentic playground of mountain biking holiday through centuries old monasteries, caves, shrines, fluttering prayer flags, street of old villages and greetings of happy and warm hearted local people. Mountain biking in Mustang offers trails for everyone no matter what is your skill level is from beginner, intermediate to the advance riders. There are also trails to suit family ride, couple and group biking tours. Good thing of these trails is there are always optional way to choose either to take jeep track, dirt road or best challenging and flowy single trails through Yara Ghara and Luri Gumba and Ghar Gumba. Where monk walking trails, blue ship trails, goat and yak trails offers an amazing mountain biking holiday in Mustang to suit your riding styles.

Teeji Festival in Upper Mustang

The forbidden kingdom of Mustang is surely sounds like a full of myth, doesn’t it? Incredibly elaborate culture idyllic country side, fascinating history and amazing way back centuries old lifestyle makes Upper Mustang undoubtedly amazing place in the world. Tiji festival is one of the popular colorful Buddhist festivals celebrated in more than five hundred years ago in Mustang which perform according to lunar calendar on the end of May and starting of the June (31st May to 2nd June) every year. The Tiji festival is known as Chasing of the Demon and it’s centered on the Tenji myth which is the victory against the bad spirit. The festival is so amazing as monks dress in traditional way wearing the mask of deities and perform dancing which supposed to drive the evil spirits away.

Mountain biking in Upper Mustang is the ideal place to explore the forbidden kingdom once in a life time experience. Though it’s expensive to get the special permit of Upper Mustang which cost 500$! You will get 100 times more happiness and the pleasure that you cannot compare with the fee….  There must be two person to get the special permit which cost 500$ for 10 days and if you like to stay longer than the given date it will be 50$ additional each day.

Witness the seldom visited places in Upper Mustang on your Mountain biking tours, holiday and trip for family, friends and colleagues. To Book a packaged tours or plan customized trip please feel free to visit us at www.nepalmountainbike.com also do not hesitate to contact us on whatsApp and social media.

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