Mountain Biking Trails in Pokhara

Top 5 Mountain biking trails and destination around Pokhara

Pokhara has recently became an adventure hub for adrenaline junkies to the recreational traveller that offer so many outdoor opportunities such as mountain biking, hiking, paragliding, water sports and family holiday for domestic and traveller from around the world. Its initially Pokhara was known as a gateway to trekking in Mustang, Annapurna and Dhaulagiri region. Since mountain biking boasted in the region, even local people started to ride mountain biking here in Pokhara itself became one of the best mountain biking destination offering an amazing biking trails around. This amazingly beautiful valley could probably the best mountain biking destination in the world. Here are some of the best mountain biking trails through awesome valleys, hills, lake shore, river bay and villages  which can be ridden all year round- what are you waiting for? You only need to dream for no need make the schedule every day is your riding day all year round.

1. Panchase trails and mountain biking trip

Mountain biking in Panchase hill is an amazing day and overnight trip that could be all mountain kind of ride through villages, forest, river suspension bridges and of ‘course the stunning views of Annapurna Himalaya range. Its perfect ride for someone who looking for challenging ride in physical and technical perspectives. Panchase top is a scenic place; it is believed that yoga Teacher (Patanjali Rishi Muni) got liberation and enlightenment here. In our case we will get definitely prove our physical and technical riding enlighten on our mountain biking.

2. Round the Phewa Lake single trail

Mountain biking trails around the lake is awesome. Most of the people think that round the lake trails must be easy and flat along the lake which is not true. If you thinking to ride the Fewa Lake round get ready to challenge your own fitness as well as technical skills. The trails consist with Lake Valley, river bay, people walking single trails, challenging uphill, scenic amazing landscapes, Lake and Mountain View, entire Pokhara valley and technical and flowy downhill with rocks, roots, and stair cases through forest. It’s not a man-made bike park though the queen forest offer one of the best single trails that Pokhara valley has to offer. You can ride more mileage as there are plenty of optional to extend the ride.

3. Sarankot rock n roll

Mountain biking in Sarankot trails is an amazing experience. Its mix types of ride with lots of optional trails for all mountains, Enduro downhill and cross country ride. The scenery is breath taking once you reach on the top though you should climb approx. 10 km through narrow streets, technical and intense section, we will pass many villages, paddies and forest to reach the top which is known as one of the superb panoramic views of the mount fishtail and Annapurna range. No other places can beat the views of Landscapes, Pokhara valley, Seti River and Harpan valley which is truly awesome to ride your bike on such a beautiful place. Your will be rewarded by the superb downhill once you reach on the top. There are plenty of options which one to take to ride down based on your riding skills either on jeep or single track.

4. Australian Camp and mountain biking trails

If you don’t mind to push or carry your bike for 30 to 45 minutes and like to be above 2000 meters of altitude and want to hit the technical single track, jeep and wide trails though authentic villages on the lap of Fishtail and Annapurna IV than this is the right biking destination. Mountain biking to Australian camp takes us through stunning views of terrace field, villages, forest and of ‘course snowcapped mountain range. It’s a real mountain biking experience in and around Pokhara.

5. Royal trek, Begnas Lake and Kristi village mountain biking trail

Mountain biking on the Royal trek is definitely entirely fun time on your bike.  This amazing place named after the Prince Charles did his trekking during early eighties since then trekking entrepreneur titled this route The Royal trek route. We have recently added value on this trails by riding mountain biking. It’s definitely seldom visited place by mountain bikers.  The trail offers amazing landscapes criss- cross terraces, villages, Begnas and Rupa Lake, Madhi river valley, Annapurna ranges and natural bride over Seti River is an interesting site to see.  This destination has unlimited amazing routes if  you wish to extend Round the Rupa lake, Kristi village and Mattikhan to Pumdi Bhumdi village which is a little and secrete village with authentic culture, religion and nature.  Biking in and Pokhara valley is not just about being on the saddle rather hearing lots to story of the people their culture and lifestyle are the best part of the biking in Nepal.

If you are here in Pokhara for few days before or after your trekking, hiking, expedition. We would be very happy to organize either guided mountain biking trip or rental mountain bike with plenty of optional trails and information. 

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