Mountain Biking Tour in Nepal

Top 5 Mountain biking tours and trips in Nepal

Initially Nepal known as trekking destination since Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenjing Shepa mapped Everest; similarly Annapurna Himalayan range was explored for trekking around in 1950’s. In a recent year, Nepal is not limited only for trekking rather mountain biking holidays has been boosted that Nepal is widely recognized as one of the best mountain biking playground in the world, which has ranked in top ten mountain biking destination. Mountain biking in Nepal is not only offers the ages old existing natural trails, further more amazing culture, nature, high mountain, adventure and warm hearted local people will make your mountain biking in Nepal so so special like nowhere in the world.

Mountain biking in Nepal offers diversity on existing natural trails from Himalayan height, Himalayan desert, alpine, Himalayan foot hills, terraces, and rainforest, subtropical to the tropical topography within a shorter distance will make you amazed to ride through. Here is no man made Mtb bike park exist but ages old people waking single tracks and trails used by mountain goat, donkeys, water buffalo and wild animal are some of our amazing mountain biking home trails where you can enjoy safe and sound mountain biking holiday in Nepal.

Mountain biking is getting popular among local and traveler from all over the world. There are so many criss-crossed hills, terraces and Midhills where an endless trail exists from ages which are yet to be explored. We can see more locals are riding mountain bike in such mountain biking trails and number of biker coming from overseas to celebrate their mountain biking trip in Nepal are growing.

There are so many opportunities to ride mountain biking holidays here is Nepal however we have selected the best top 5 mountain biking destination in Nepal.

1. Kathmandu Valley 1 to 10 days

Kathmandu valley is known for its beauty of Himalaya’s views, monasteries, Temples, cultural diversity and historical places. Though people have a picture of Kathmandu as hustle and bustle city, we have explored countryside trails away from city for an awesome mountain biking tours from one day to 10 days. There are so many trails to suit your riding styles from XC, all mountain or Enduro/downhill. No matter what is your biking level and skills, Kathmandu has something to offer everyone who love mountain biking in Nepal.

2. Pokhara Valley 1 day to 10 days


Pokhara valley is nestled on the lap of Annapurna Himalayan range which is perfect Mountain biking destination in Nepal. It has so many trails to offer from one day mountain biking tours in Pokhara, Overnight Mountain biking tours, Enduro downhill Mountain biking tour to one week Mountain biking in Pokhara. Fewa lake valley offers one day round the lake single track mountain biking tours in Pokhara and seven lake valley and Royal trek offers more than one week mountain biking holiday in Pokhara. Sarankot, Peace Pagoda, Kristy Village, Bhumdi, Australian camp, Panchase and Begnas, Royal trek routs offers the one of be best Mountain Biking tours in Pokhara Valley.

3. Lower Mustang 5 to 12 days

lower mustang mountain biking tour

Mustang previously known as pilgrimage for Hindu and Buddhist people where still people go to take Salvation and have believe that people who reach there one in their lifetime will get Salvation from the sin which knowingly or unknowing they did in their daily life. For us is one of the mountain biking playgrounds where we can ride mountain biking from 5 days to 12 days. There are so many trails through mountain, Alps and villages. Mountain biking in Mustang became highlighted by the effort of some local mountain biking entrepreneur and the Anthill film in Strength in numbers and also by Red Bull in Where the Trails Ends. Lower Mustang Valley has many trails around in between from 2000 to 4000 meter altitudes. You can do 5 days to 12days Mountain biking trip in Mustang region.

4. Upper Mustang 15 to 21 days

upper mustang mountain biking tour

Mustang refers to ‘fertile land’ which is used to be a kingdom of Lo which is previously known as pilgrimage and salt trading route to Tibet in between Nepal and India. Recently boosted as one of the best high altitude mountain biking destination in Nepal. There are so many natural mountain biking trails exist through villages, Monasteries and people walking trails of 15th Century. However there is road building is currently constructing. Jeep track made easy to do mountain biking in some hard part of climb. There is also side optional single track who really like ride in moderate and challenging trails. Upper Mustang mountain biking is mostly recommended for fit people who has experience on mountain biking for few years. However road bikers also can handle mountain biking in Mustang. Upper Mustang has something to offer for everyone who loves mountain biking.

5. Annapurna Circuit Mountain biking 12 to 21 days

annapurna circuit mountain biking tour

Annapurna circuit known as one of the best and longest trekking destinations with highest passe the Thorong-la 5416 meter. In a recent year big changes came in this route due to road access to Manage which has created one of the best mountain biking destinations in Nepal. Mountain biking in Annapurna circuit became a bucket list to the mountain bikers from all over the world. Mountain biking in Annapurna circuit offers one of the best mountain biking experiences along with stunning views of the 6000 to 8000 meter peaks, amazing landscapes, rivers, waterfall and amazing trails to have fun on your mountain biking holiday in Nepal.

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