Nepal Mountain biking tips

Tips for Mountain Biking in Nepal

Mountain Biking in Nepal: Nepal, attracting the attention of the riders all over the world,it is boosting as a mountain biking paradise. It is suitable for family trips, novice, intermediate and professional rider as it offers the trail suited to all the level. Due to its unique topography, it offers one of the awe-inspiring and a lifetime mountain biking experiences.

Trails:Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries in the world with lots of towering Mountains. It ranges from 70 meters (KechanaKalan of Jhapa) in the south to 8,848 meters (Mt. Everest) in the North within the average distance of 193 Km. Because of this geographical feature it offers a wide range of mountain biking opportunity. It is best for XC, all mountains and Enduro type of rides. Nepal offers one of the most beautiful blends of the trails; dirt roads, people walking trails, yaks and Himalayan goats walking trails which surely satisfies the level of all the riders.

Mountain Bike: Biking in Nepal requires a proper mountain bike with decent components. If you are planning to bring your own bike that’s a great idea but make sure you bring the bike according to the terrain you are planning to go through. If you are planning a trip mainly on a jeep track, selection of hard tail or short travel dual suspension bike is good enough. And if you are curious about the single trail and technical rides, all Mountain or Enduro oriented dual suspension bikes are best choice.

Tools: If you are bringing your own bike for the tour in Nepal, make sure you bring all the required tools to repair your bike. Also, don’t forget to bring the important parts along with you. And if you are planning to rent a bike in Nepal, do confirm that you take all the required tools and parts with you. Here is the list of important tools and parts.

  1. Tools: Allen-key, Repair kit, Pump, Spoke key, Bleeder kit
  2. Parts: Gear wire and housing wire, chain links, Tubes, Derailleur etc.

Basic Mechanical Skills: As you are totally depending upon your bike for the entire trip, it is always recommended to know how to fix some of the basic mechanical issues that may possibly occur during the trip. Some of the possible mechanical issues to be known are listed below:

  • Changing the flat tubes and patching the puncture
  • Connecting the broken chain with or without chain link
  • Adjusting the derailleur whenever required
  • Changing the brake pads
  • Disassemble and assemble the wheels properly

Food and accommodation:Most of the accessible areas in the mountains are well equipped with the tea-houses. Some of the tea-houses serve local foods while, some of them offer different varieties of western foods too. The rooms offered by these tea-houses are of different ranges (basic to standard) based upon your interest to stay in. But it is highly recommended to get all the required information about the places you are planning to go through, before you depart. You can get a lot of things up there, that you may require for the trip but pre-arrangement of all those things like energy bars, water purifier, shampoo and other daily stuffs will be an excellent  idea, just to be sure that you have everything and it’s cost effective too.

First-Aid:Before setting up for the trip it is a wise idea to think about the safety concerns and be prepared accordingly, as no one can predict what happens next. Here is the list of the medicines or tools that you should include in your First-Aid kit.

  1. Medicine for Acute Mountain Sickness
  2. Medicines for Fever, Vomiting, Upset stomach and Allergy
  3. Medicines for pain and sprain
  4. Antiseptic solutions
  5. Medicines for Rehydration
  6. Essential things for dressing and wounds

Bike rentals: If you are planning to rent mountain bike in Nepal, there are many bike rental stores dealing with cheap low quality bikes to high end quality mountain bikes. There are also some foreign owned companies but taking the service of local expertise is highly appreciated. This will help the country’s economy sharing the benefits among the local communities. If you are looking for a local owned mountain bike tours operator and rental with top quality mountain bikes and all the necessary information and the arrangements, you can visit POKHARA MOUNTAIN BIKE ADVENTURE P. LTD or browse in , or call or whatApps directly to Mr. Jagan +977-9804134788.

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