Sustainability Pledge

Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventures established in 2003 aiming to provide quality, professional and friendly services in mountain biking tours in Nepal at the same time as an ethical tour company we are committed to run our business under sustainable and responsible tourism principles. Our business model is sustainable by origin as an environmentally friendly mountain biking/cycling tour operator dedicated to the three pillars of sustainability in the form of social enterprise that protects the environment, supports local economic viability and social equity.

Environment Protection

  • We promote MTB tours, sell and rent bicycles that encourage travellers and communities to ride in holiday and to work that help to reduce carbon emissions.
  • We are committed to protect the Himalayas, glaciers, lakes and rivers by environmentally sound practice and activities during our operations which leave positive impact on the destinations we travel through.
  • We create awareness in local communities on how to protect flora, fauna and forest.
  • We minimize negative impacts on the environment by following scientific and responsible behavior of waste management.
  • We minimize soil erosion by planting trees.
  • We coordinate with local government and NGOs to protect nature and natural trails.
  • We raise awareness among community leaders not to build unnecessary roads in villages and destroy nature.
  • We are committed to minimize the use of single-use plastics such as water bottles, plates and bags. 
  • We recycle, reuse and repair things on the trip and at our administrative office.
  • We support animal rights, welfare and protection.

Economic Viability

  • We are committed to maximize the positive impact on the economy and social benefits that support local communities.
  • We are committed to employ the locals, supporting local communities that help the tourism spend to stay in the hosting community.
  • We are committed to use our locally-made products as far as possible.
  • We are committed to fair & transparent pricing and offer quality service that supports the communities we visit, stakeholders and valued clients.
  • We provide capacity-building training for the crew and communities.
  • We are committed to fair wages and better working conditions for our crew so that their children can go to good schools; we provide proper gear for working in the mountains and support staff wellbeing.
  • We are committed to offering high quality experiences & better service while guaranteeing safety and satisfaction of our guests.
  • We are committed to connect our guests with local communities by including homestay and family-owned businesses in our destinations.
  • We are committed to promoting rural places where fewer travellers have visited and that are untouched by modernization.

Community and Social Equity

We believe that the work we do and the footprint we leave in the local community through sustainable tourism can be the power to make positive changes in society such as reducing poverty and social inequality. Our biking holidays deliver the message by respecting and promoting local culture, community and tradition and focus on truly uplifting the economy, creating social opportunities and support equality and equitable access of people from underprivileged and rural communities. We do this by:

  • Offering jobs to the untouchable & marginalized people and supporting them by providing mentorship, education &vocational and on the job training.
  • Offering a free day trip for local kids/youths on a recreational ride with our guests.
  • Offering MTB guide and mechanic training to local youths to help them to get jobs in mountain tourism.
  • Being committed to provide equal opportunities for women.
  • Providing employment opportunities to underprivileged people who otherwise would have less or no working opportunities in tourism and mainstream of society.
  • Offering vocational, academic and on the job training for crew and the local community.
  • Committing to the social welfare and well-being of our permanent and hired staff.
  • Guaranteeing honesty and integrity in service, full commitment to the quality services and satisfaction of our clients.
  • Volunteering and relief distribution during natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, landslides and during the Covid Pandemic.

Environmental travel responsibility

The travel destinations we visit with our guests are our home that we love so much and would like to protect the environment for our future generations. We collaborate with the local community to protect our nature and natural trails. We work with local and national level organizations that work for environmental conservation. We have been advocating via our organization that we periodically delegate government body for the protection of Himalayas, lakes, rivers, forest and wild animals.

We minimize uses of plastic bags, bottles, plates during our trip. We strongly recommend no littering in trails during our tours. We provide bicycles to our staff and ride bicycles and uses less vehicle as much as possible. We reuse, recycle, repair and make paperless work in our office. Our team, community and our valued customer together can minimize the negative impact on the environment by travelling & operating responsibly.

Economical travel responsibility

Being a locally owned company we shall contribute in community development and economic uplift of local people. Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventures is a concept and dream of local riders and entrepreneurs to create social change by promoting Nepal as an adventurous mountain biking destination. The revenue we get by selling biking trips improve the socio-economic and socio-cultural status of our local people in the destinations.

We are proud that the company is owned by people with an underprivileged social background who aim to empower and educate the untouchable people and community by offering job opportunities in tourism. We believe in fair and honest pricing and we offer fair cost to our clients for high quality and unique products and unmatched service that we provide on a community-based approach.

We take and recommend our traveller in community homestay, family-owned business, locally owned guesthouses and in restaurants and serve local and traditional food, in such a contribution money remains in the local hosting communities.  The owner guides, porters, service providers all are local and 100% of tourism spend stays in the country which certainly contributes to the local economy and helps to create long term positive impacts. In such a way travellers are very welcome to every destination we take our clients to.

Social travel responsibility

We at Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventures as an ethical tour operator have always felt responsible for the community, clients, staff, and stakeholders and for the environment. We offer up to date capacity building & regular training regarding the profession, life skills, biking, trekking and tourism so that our team and community are highly qualified in their job and understand how to look after the environment, culture, community and the industry.  

Guided Mountain Biking Tour
Happy Client with our Guide at Upper Mustang

Our staff are well-paid which helps to maintain their quality of life, personal and professional well-being. They are fully passionate, motivated and love what they do. We aim to create an authentic experience on our tours so that our guests can learn about the communities, people, culture and history of the destination they travel that benefit the local and visitors. We request our guests to respect local customs, traditions and religion. Positive interaction with locals that generate mutual understanding and respect between cultures that helps to create a unique experience.

As a responsible and ethical tour operator, we provide free mountain biking training to local kids/youths, free day tours with our clients to encourage them, educational support to slum/ street/working children from underprivileged communities.

We have been closely partnering with NGOs that have been working to uplift the education of children from rural villages. 1% of sales directly goes to the underprivileged and untouchable people from rural villages. We have been providing school course books, bags and uniform for needy children, medical health camp in rural villages for the underprivileged community.  

Social Responsibility work by Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventures

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Future plan           

We at PMTBA committed to sustainability and on the path to take ‘Travelife engagement’, Travelife partner and Travelife certificate in sustainability in near future.