Packing list for Multi Day Mountain Biking tour in Nepal

There is a proverb ‘practice makes a man perfect’ which tells us the importance of continuous practice in any subject to make better learning by doing. Mountain biking holiday we organize today here in Nepal has been more than 20 years practice to make perfect and better mountain biking holiday each and every ride we go in the new trails and destinations in the Himalayas. We learn each time by practicing to make our biking tour perfect as far as possible by adding full check list though the packing list is never complete. Over on our blog we are trying to provide all the details that need to get you going, no matter which style of mountain biking you will be doing.

Our essential pack list for a mountain biking holiday is intended as simple as possible to assist you when you are packing for your biking holiday in Nepal. We would like to alert you and remember that you are travelling through mountain terrain and you might experience diversity of weathers and topography. We know the feeling that you have forgotten something while in this adventure trip each and every little mistake might cost lots of money and stress as well. It’s much better to be well prepared. We have been there, done all those trip many many times this is why we have created a packing list for a mountain biking holiday in Nepal.

So, you are off on multi-day mountain bike adventure in the Himalayas. Here are the packing lists below.

Essential gear pack list Multi-day tours

The following pack lists are based on our experience riding in the Himalayan region. However, the list is not complete, just a reference. If you have any specific questions please feel free to contact us.

Bike and Gear

  • Mountain bike fully serviced in an excellent working condition with new brake pad, if you using our rental bikes please tell your height bike size brake styles (Rt. Front or back).
  • Helmet
  • Biking gloves (full/half finger), gloves for cold protection
  • Tyres (spare) according to your bike for all mountain/xc or Enduro
  • Puncture Repair kits with tyres levers.
  • Pump, shock pump, Tyre sealant tubeless liquid
  • 20 to 25 liter backpack
  • Camel bag 1.5 to 2 liters
  • Cycling glasses/ protective eyewear
  • Cycling shoes (with cleats) or flat pedal trainers (if you hiring bikes come with flat pedals, if you want to use spd’s please bring your own pedals).
  • LN key, Tools, Lubricant, chain link, rear gear hanger, derailleur and spare tubes according to Tyre size, if tubeless does not work, just in case.
  • Emergency spokes as per your wheel sizes
  • Knee and elbow protection only if you are signed for Enduro/downhill trip. You can bring if you wish to take on an all mountain trip too.


  • Biking T-shirt based on your riding style long/short-sleeved (All mountain, cross-country or Enduro/Downhill
  • Windproof Jacket and trouser
  • Down jacket
  • Padded cycling shorts at least a pair (3 to 4 pieces would be helpful is better)
  • Leggings or long trousers for riding
  • Wind cheater for outer layer
  • Casual clothing that is light and easy for the evening walk to wear as you are on an adventure holiday
  • Buff/hat and normal warm gloves
  • Rain jacket season needed as per the season of your holiday, please contact us for the confirmation
  • Sufficient base layers (inner, mid and outer) including long sleeved tops
  • Sleeping bag is recommended for certain trip for the certain season. Please contact us for the confirmation.
  • Duffle bag to keep your stuff for porter during the trip. Also rain cover to keep the bag dry
  • Rain cover for your bag pack to keep things dry
  • Quick dry towel
  • Flip flop slippers

Desirable Gear

  • Head torch and torch for night
  • Hand sanitizer and mosquito repellent
  • Sun protection, toiletries, lip guard and moisturizer cream
  • Personal first aid kit and medication you may require: we must inform of relevant medication prior to the trip, such as anti-cold, anti-diarrhoeal
  • Cable tie
  • Gear wire
  • Go-pro or any other Camera, SD cards and battery, phone and charger with waterproof case
  • Ear plugs
  • Map and Gps
  • Chamois cream if you use it
  • Specific nuts and bolts of your bike

Food and Drinks

  • Energy drinks
  • Water spare bottle for drinks
  • Dry fruits, energy bars, jell for an emergency you may need during the ride.

Note: If you are bringing your own bike then please bring your spare parts. If you like to hire a bike from our store then we will provide spare as per the requirements. If you need specific spares for your bike from our store please ask us in advance.

If you are planning a multi day mountain biking tour to Nepal but don’t know where to go? Please check our most popular mountain biking trips that may helpful for you.

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