Tiji Festival

Upper Mustang, Tiji Festival 2020/2021 and Mountain Biking

Upper Mustang is known as the forbidden Kingdom of Lo and the walled city of Mustang is an isolated and remote place on the Himalayas of Nepal which opened to tourists since 1992. It was a restricted area but open to everyone now can visit travelers there by special permit. There are so many attractions to observe for tourists no matter how you access this mysterious land. you will get amazed by the wonderful settlement of local people, historical caves, antique monasteries, colorful shortens, white-colored houses, serene landscapes, amazing views of the over 6 thousand peaks, Kali river canyons, endless natural mountain biking, and hiking trails, and awesome local hospitality. This amazing place has been keeping centuries-old Tibetan Buddhist cultural and heritages alive for us which is one of the rare and precious opportunities to observe the centuries-old ritual practices and lifestyle even now in this modern world. Escaping from your hectic life of the 21 st century and immerse into dated back 17th centuries settlement and lifestyle is definitely going to be an exceptional experience and much better than just an ordinary holiday.

Monks performing special mask dance in Tiji Festival

Tiji Festival in Upper Mustang is probably one of the oldest Buddhist rituals in the world. Tiji Festival is very famous among locals of Upper Mustang and also people from the western world as it has preserved the long back Tibetan Buddhist culture and tradition alive through this event which has attracted many travelling agencies come up with special holiday packages to observe the yearly celebration of Tiji festival at Upper Mustang. The Tiji festival also called ‘Ten-che’ which means ‘’prayer for the world peace’’. The three-day festival event known as “chasing of the Demons” which is centered on the Tiji myth. During this festival monks dress in traditional colorful clothing and perform the mask dance which is believed to bring good energy by defeating the evil spirits in Upper Mustang. The festival celebrated based on two myths according to locals, the first one is about a deity called Dorje Jono. He battle against his demon father to save the Mustang from destruction and secondly tells one of the incarnations of the Lord Buddha saved the Mustang from a devil who wanted to destruct by making drought and storm in this land.

Colorful ChortenStupa welcoming visitors to Upper Mustang

In so-called forbidden kingdom actually not a forbidden kingdom anymore! We could access this exotic land once we take special permits in Upper Mustang, the amazing land in Nepal with unique Tibetan Buddhist culture on the Himalayas. This land is indeed gifted with pristine landscapes having plenty of opportunities with the endless natural trail for mountain biking and hiking emerged recently as one of the best Mountain biking destinations in Nepal. We are proud that we are capable to organize this extraordinary Tiji Festival and mountain biking holiday in Upper Mustang. Tiji Festival Mountain Biking trip into the Himalayas is surely a wonderful holiday that is not just limited as a destination rather a journey of a lifetime that will leave you an unforgettable experience. Our journey of the mountain biking trip to the Tiji Festival, Lo-Manthang start from Pokhara. However, the trip begins once you land at the Kathmandu airport or you enter to Nepal from any boarders. We also could come to receive you at your arrival. However, riding will begins here at Pokhara. After one or two days of ride in Pokhara, preparing special permits then we will take a flight to Jomsom, our journey continues to the mystic land of Mustang, authentic settlement of Kagbeni, amazing landscapes of Chhusang, Chele, Syangboche and Charang to Lo-Manthang. We will be awarded by many amazing perspectives of their natural beauty.

The mesmerizing view of the mountains from Upper Mustang

The Mustang Tiji Festival generally occurs at the end of the May/June based on the lunar calendar that is predicted by the Tibetan Buddhist calendar. In this Tiji Festival Mountain biking holiday, we will have opportunities to observe exceptional and unexpected things that will be hard to believe but it’s true in this Territory. Whether you’re an experienced rider or novice, we have different trails to suit the skills of the individual rider. If you are planning to witness the beauty of the Tiji Festival Mountain Biking/hiking and cultural holiday then please do not hesitate to contact us. Our Tiji Festival mountain biking holiday for 2020 is all set, booking are still open and we also can take the booking for 2021. The 2020 Tiji festival date of Upper Mustang in Lo-Manthang is announced. The celebration will take place on 19th , 20th and 21 st of May 2020.

Tiji Festival 2020 itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Kathmandu, transfer to hotel and sightseeing around.

Welcome to the Himalayan country. Our homeland, we will meet you at Kathmandu airport, after the greeting we will transfer you to take to the Hotel. Once you got check-in then we can speak further plan
of the day based on your arrival time either to wander around or have a rest in your hotel.

Day 2: Drive to Pokhara (800m)

Our trip starts after breakfast in the Hotel, leaving Kathmandu behind our journey start to takes us to Pokhara. We will drive on a private Jeep/van through Midhills and along the river observing the beauty of landscapes and amazing views of the Himalayas.

Day 3: Biking Pokhara Round the Phewa Lake (1200m)

It’s our warm up ride to get familiar, checking your bike and guide. We will ride along the lake through Pame village, paddies, bridges, forest and terraces which is an amazing ride. Since we keep behind the valley we will ride intense climb then we reach at world Peace Pagoda where you will take a stop for a Kora (to make a right circle of the stupa) then we will hit the queen forest single-track after this single track we will ride back to Lakeside. We will make everything get ready for tomorrow flight to Mustang.
Biking time: 3.5 to 4 hours
Distance: 35 Km Approx

Day 4: Fly from Pokhara to Jomsom (2720m) and ride to Kagbeni (2810m)

We will wake up early in the morning to catch the first flight to Jomsom. The flight from Pokhara to Jomsom is known as a dramatic fly in between the two 8000 meters Dhaulagiri and Annapurna I which is called the deepest gorse of the world. Once we land the Mustang at Jomsom then assemble our bikes, have breakfast on the lap of Mount Nilgiri ride along the Kaligandaki riverbed. We will stay at Kagbeni in a local guest house.
Biking time: 2. to 3 hours
Distance: 10 to 15 Km Approx

Kaligandaki River Trenching down the jaw-dropping landscape of Upper Mustang

Day 5: Ride from Kagbeni to Chele (3050m)

Today is the day; we enter into the forbidden land of Upper Mustang which is the Kingdom of Lo. As we leave Kagbeni behind showing our permit 500$ into the land of amazement. We will ride along the Kaligandaki River valley. We will stop to take Lunch at Chhusang. After the Lunch, our ride continues again on the river bank. We will cross the river then take a climb to reach the Chaile. We will see the caves, monasteries and amazing views of River valley and Mountain.
Biking time: 3.5 to 4 hours
Distance: 18 Km Approx

Day 6: Biking from Chele to Syangboche (3800)

As our days are getting better and better because we are heading to the North. The climb will be hard but the sceneries and landscapes will make you smile even on the hard trail. You might need to push in some part if it gets to a technical climb. We will have lunch in Sammar. It’s our biggest day as we will have to cross 4 passes which is called via Taklam la (3624m) Dajori la (3735m) and Bhena la (3860) Yamda la (3860). It’s a big day but the super nice day of our trip.
Biking time: 4.5 to 5.5 hours
Distance: 20 Km Approx

Day 7: Ride from Syangboche to Dhakmar (3820m)

Our ride starts after the breakfast in these fabulous places in the earth. We will have a small climb Syangboche La (3850m) at the first then we will ride downhill to Gilling. We will be awarded by the view of Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri and Annapurna and Mustang valley. We will again pass the biggest pass of the day called via Nyi la (4010m) then Ghemi la (3765m). We will enjoy the downhill after the passes. We will have lunch on along the way in a tea houses where we can share happiness of our ride. We will stay in Dhakmar. We could have village tour in the evening to observe the local settlements, culture and Chhortens.
Biking time: 4.5 to 5 hours
Distance: 19 Km Approx

Day 8: Ride from Dhakmar to Lo-Manthang (3810m)

Our ride will start in the morning after the breakfast in our guest house. Today’s ride is more interesting and appealing as we head to the King Lo’s civilization where we will have opportunities to see ages old Monasteries and Gumba, library of the Buddhism at Charang village where we will stop for a lunch. In the Charang village we also can see the paintings and Mandala. We will leave the Charang Behind and move forward to our destination the Lo-manthang. Our trail will be smoother than the previous ride, once reach the windy pass the view of the Tibetan plateau, Himalayas and the gorgeous Lo-Manthang is so much rewarding. After the pass we will hit the downhill trail across the plain into the walled city of Lo-manthang where we will stay in a guest house tonight. We will also have optional trail to ride via Ghar Gumba to Lo-Manthang Via Mui la (4170m) Marang La (4230m) we need to push on some parts of these passes. After Marang La pass we will ride all the way downhill to Lo-Manthang.
Biking time: 3.5 to 4 hours
Distance: 22 Km Approx
We will attend the first day of Tiji Festival based on the starting time we will manage to reach there in time.

Day 9: Rest Day Lo-Manthang

Today is the day of our Mountain biking adventure holiday, we are here where we dreamed for. You will have opportunity to indulge yourself to this age’s old walled city that you can see so many things and special to observe around. You will be amazed by the centuries-old Gumbas, four-story Kings Palace of the King of Mustang. We can see on the way to Choser the people are inhabited in caves not only that that caves itself is a museum. There are so many caves and monasteries that will reveal the culture, nature and architectures of ancestors of Tibetan influence people and their practices. Observing upper Mustang will make us feel being in a very ancient town and life is still untouched by the modernization. Either walk, bike or horse ride can be use a means of wondering around on our rest day. Enjoy the performance of the monks on the 2 nd day of Tiji Festival

Day 10: Ride from Lo-Manthang to Yara (3650m)

We will enjoy the 3 rd day of Tiji Festival and leave the Upper Mustang
Today is the day we are leaving our destination and heading back to our Journey. However, it’s another great ride ahead on the province of King Lo. We are heading to the Yara and Dhigaon today which is only a handful of people visit in this region. We will ride all the way to near Charang then cross the river ride all the way to Charang till the Sungda Chorten then we will cross the bridge then ride toward the Yara. Today ride will be not so hard along the river and villages with amazing view of the plateau. We will stay here in Yara village tonight in a guest house.
Biking time: 4 to 5 Hours
Distance: 17 Km Approx

Day 11: Mountain biking from Yara to Tangye (3240m)

Our rides will start as usual in the morning after the breakfast. We will head to Tangye villages; we will ride through two passes (3878m) which is not that high still nice and uphill. In this day be ready to push and carry your bike. Our ride will be ups and down along the barren terrain along with awe inspiring views around. We will cross Dechhyang stream which is originated from the sacred pond of Damordar Kunda which is very popular among locals as a sacred pilgrimage where we will find fossils of marine
which is considered as a God we also called Saligram. We will have lunch on the way, we will again ride uphill once we reach on the top where one of the nice playground after this we will reach Tangye village. We will have opportunities to see authentic villages and unique monasteries.
Biking time: 4 to 5 hours
Distance: 18 Km Approx

Day 12: Ride from Tangye to Chhusang (2980m)

Our ride start after the breakfast, we have another good day to go on our dream holiday. Leaving the Tangye village behind we will cross bridge the we will ride along the river bed then ride and push to a pass then we will reach place called Paha which means a shelter house. We will have a rest and lunch then we will continue our pace. We will also go through 4218 m pass, which will reward us by offering the best views of the Himalayas then we will ride superb nice and flowy downhill all the way to Chhusang which you have earned by the climbs. We will stay overnight in Chhusang village.
Biking time: 4. to 5. Hours
Distance: 26 Km Approx

Day 13: Ride from Chhusang to Muktinath (3800M) Via Gyu la (4077m)

We stayed at lower alleviation comparatively with other nights. Our lungs is strong today and if our group wish to do another pass we will push and ride to Muktinath via Gyu la(4077m) pass and if our participant would like to take easy ride along the river then we will ride to Kagbeni then ride to
Muktinath. We can decide together and enjoy the final day of ride in the Kingdom of Lo. Today we leave the Upper Mustang behind and will enjoy our ride on lower Mustang series. We will stay in culturally, socially and religiously famous and precious place Muktinath which is believed that once you reach in this place you will be free from all the sin you knowing or unknowingly did in your life.
Biking time: 5. to 6. Hours
Distance: 25 Km Approx

Day 14: Ride from Muktinath to Kalopani (2530m)

We will visit the Muktinath temple and monastery. The combination of earth-fire-water which is the significant logic and belief behind the Muktinath being so precious among Hindu and Buddhist people from all over the world. It might not be that precious for us in the religious point of view but what we can see the energy you will insist here is amazing that you will feel. After visiting this sacred place our ride is going to be one of the sacred ride mountains biking via Lupra valley which is known as one of the best single trails Mustang has to offer. No words can describe the beauty of Lupra valley and its trails you should go and ride. Once we finish the Lupra then we will ride through pine forest and villages, riverbed, lakes, suspension bridges, and apple orchids.
Biking time: 5. to 6. Hours
Distance: 52 Km Approx

Day 15: Ride from Kalopani to Pokhara (800m)

We are so excited today as we will be riding through the deepest gorse in the world, not only that our ride is going to be special because of the diversity of trails and topography. We will ride on dirt road with optional single track as per your wish and technical skills. Your ride will hit from pine forest, foothills, Midhills and subtropical trails. We will stop at Hot spring place called Tatopani locally for a lunch then ride down to Beni, where our vehicle will be waiting us to take to Pokhara.
Biking time: 5. to 6. Hours
Biking time: Hours
Distance: 65 Km Approx
Trip over for biking! Reluctant goodbye

Day 16: Flight back to Kathmandu / fly back home or optional extend holiday with other activities…

Cost: 2500 Euros

Includes in Price:

• Full board
• Special permit $500 and ACAP permit and TIMS $60
• Airport Pick up on arrival and drop off after the trip
• Mountain bike and gears (please ask specification after letting us your bike size)
• Mountain Flight from Pokhara to Jomsom
• An experienced English speaking local Mountain Bike Guide
• Porters to support your luggage.
• Food and accommodations (first-day dinner to final day breakfast)
• TIMS and Permit
• All the transportation by private Jeep/van based on group size.
• Safe drinking water
• Food, accommodations, salary, insurance, and transportation for supporting staff/crew.

Not included in the price

• Visa fee to Nepal
• Flight to and from Nepal
• Domestic flights Ktm to Pkr/ and Pokhara to Kathmandu.
• Alcoholic drinks
• Dual suspension bike (350 Euros extra for the whole trip)
• Beverage/soft drinks and mineral water in the mountains
• Travel, activity, medical and emergency evacuation insurance
• Tipping for guides, porters and supporting staff

Note: Above mentioned itinerary is just an outline and will be flexible day to day based on our daily physical demands and wishes.

In case of unexpected circumstances such as political problems, natural calamities, bad weather and any event which may incur a risk to our participants, PMTBA reserves the right to modify the program.

If you need further info and queries please browse our website www.nepalmountainbike.com or WhatsApp us at +9779804134788. We would love to share our expertise and information.

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