Enduro/Downhill Mountain Biking in Nepal

Nepal is home to some of the world’s best free riding, the sceneries and trails are like nowhere in the world. We do not have MTB resorts but Nepal and its playground considered itself as a natural downhill MTB resort as it offer diverse opportunity for Mountain biking. We could do peddling up, jeep support shuttles, and cable car shuttle and also airlifting to the top on the Himalayas and riding down through amazing trails. Enduro mountain biking holiday in Nepal offers the combination of the amazing scenery and culture along with the plenty of epic adrenaline rush filled rides which runs through the some of the most stunning areas of Nepal and virtually untouched and unexplored by other riders. The freeriding/downhill opportunity in Nepal are so diverse, everyone truly can find one that’s perfect for them!

Kathmandu valley Downhill Mountain biking in Shivapuri National park.

We all know that Kathmandu valley itself is a historical palace along with full of amazing culture, practices, temples, Kings Dynasty, Palaces, Temple, monasteries and Mosques. Not only that once you come out of valley there are plenty of opportunities to explore Enduro Mountain biking holiday where adrenaline pumping single trails waiting to you to celebrate your gravity riding here in the land of amazement and the epic rides in the world. The Shivapuri National park offers the one of the best scenery of the Kathmandu valley, Himalayas and awesome single tracks Kathmandu has to offer. Similarly Hattiban forest also offers an awesome Enduro downhill opportunity where national downhill championships and Asian Enduro series get organized. Other destinations for Enduro Downhill trails are Nagarkot, Nagarjun, Chovar, Helipad and fulchowki offers an amazing Enduro rides in Kathmandu.

Enduro downhill in Manakamana

One of the first cable car lifting services of Nepal to the Manakamana temple (the Goddess of wish filling) is one of the very popular Hindu pilgrimage and local people visit this place on cable car to pay homage to the Goddess to fulfill their wishes. However in our case the cable car shuttles to the top and along with amazing views and the adrenaline pumping single tracks offer and amazing Enduro downhill experience in Nepal. We could make 2 to 3 shuttles in a day to get fully recharged by the bless of Goddess Manakamana to fulfill our wish to enjoy the Enduro mountain biking holiday in Nepal.

Enduro Downhill biking holiday in Pokhara

Enduro Downhill biking holiday in Pokhara

Pokhara Valley is known as one of the best Mountain biking playground in the world. It’s also a gate way to the trekking destination to Annapurna and Mustang region. Pokhara valley offers so many trails to take you through single tracks along with scenic views of Lake, mountain and river valley view. Criss-cross trails, paddy, terraces and lovely villages are the main attraction of the rides. Usually popular rides among locals are Kalika royal trek, world peace Pagoda, Bhumdi village, Sarankot and Green panel single track and grassy double track could be one of your highlights of your biking holiday in Nepal. You can spend one week Mountain biking holiday in Pokhara Valley. We could do 2 to 3 shuttles in a day with different trails to offer you more fun on hair rising downhill biking holidays in Nepal. Pokhara valley also offer easy downhill with optional technical single track down hill with rock, roots and jumps with lots of fun play trails.

Enduro Downhill Mountain Biking in Mustang.

Enduro Downhill Mountain Biking in Mustang.

Recently after the film ‘where the trails ends’ movie released on 2012, since then mustang became one of the Mecca for Mountain bikers from around the world. Mustang is the place where you will be riding your bike on the lap of two tallest mountains in the world over 8000 meters. Not only the Mountains! The trails, culture, topography and the energy your soul will get from the almighty mountain on your bike will be an amazing experience. Amazing single tracks, mixed with jeep tracks, some technical section as per your demand hitting from 4000 to above 4500 meters to the tropical region will definitely your highlights holiday of your life time. You can experience the Himalayas, Himalayan desert, alpine forest, Midhills region, subtropical forest to the tropical land to explore and experience the rural and real Nepal on your Enduro Mountain biking holiday. Authentic villages influence by Tibetan culture, Buddhism, great hospitality, kindness, loving and humble people along the trails is additional bonus of your ride. Words to describe the mountain biking holiday in Nepal is not enough rather you sign up for the Mtb trip and come along.

Heli Mtb trip All Mountain and Enduro ride in Annapurna region

Annapurna regions were known as the trekking destination. However time and new trend and also the globalization in Mountain are biking and exploration made on mountain biking trails in this region made Annapurna region one of the best Heli Mountain biking in the world. Probably the highest places to start the Enduro/downhill ride in the world. The Thorong-La pass (5416), Muktinath (4000m). Annapurna and other region. Thorong La to Pokhara in a 5 to 10 days camp will offer your one of the best adrenaline pumping Enduro mountain biking holiday in Nepal.

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