Why should you visit Nepal?

Widely unknown to the general public of the world, Nepal is the perfect destination!

Little monks facing Stupa for the prayer.

Nepal, the land of the great Himalayas, is the only country in the world that can satisfy the thirst of any adrenaline junkies. The home of Everest is not only suitable for those who seek to have an absolute adventure but also for those who want to have comfortable and luxurious holidays. This birthplace of Lord Buddha is capable of catering to the needs of any particular individual. Now let’s go through some of the main points, of why one should visit Nepal at least once in their lifetime!

Natural Beauty

Nepal is the only country that has been totally blessed with unparalleled beauty. It homes 8 of 14 more than 8000 m mountains in the world, including Mount Everest, the highest mountain. It is also home to pristine lakes and the most beautifully-dropping waterfalls. The landscapes and the rapidly flowing rivers add an enormous amount of energy to anyone witnessing them. There is seldom a place from where you will not be able to see the snow-capped mountains. Within a short time frame, you can experience the tropical to Trans-Himalayan climate.


Simply, Nepal is the only country in the world that has a massive diversity within the distance of 200 Km from south to North. The elevation of the country varies from 60 m in the south to Everest 8848.86 m in that particular distance. Due to this variation, it is the homeland of 3.2% of the total Flora, and 1.1% of the total Fauna of the world. If you want to see, the Snow-Leopard and magical, vibrant butterflies then it is the perfect destination. Besides that, there are a huge variety of birds, one-horned Rhinos, Bengal Tigers, and many more to see. It is the only country, where you can see the animals in the wild. But if you are among the people who like to support the local Zoos then it may not be a perfect destination for you.


Nepal has a variety of people from different ethnicity and there are 123 languages spoken but Nepali is the official one. However, the most beautiful thing about the culture is the vibrant clothes and amazing festivals here. You can call it a country with 366 festivals in 365 days. The festival which is known as the festival of lights (Tihar) shows the equality between humans and animals, during this festival people worship crows, dogs, etc. This signifies the existence of the supreme soul in every living being. Though the majority of the population is Hindu, people don’t have a problem sharing their cultural and religious experiences with Non-Hindus. Indeed, they maintain religious and cultural harmony.


Due to the huge geographical diversity, Nepal can be called the Adventure hub of the world. Nepal’s major activities consist of wilderness and adventure activities such as mountain biking, trekking, hiking, mountain/rock climbing, mountain flights, paragliding, bungee-jumping, rafting or kayaking, jungle safaris, bird-watching, and many more. You can experience any of the adventure-related activities as per your need and desire. Or you can relax in a luxurious mountain resort. Your decision, either way, leads you to perfection.



When it all comes to that Dollar/Euro, Nepal is one of the cheapest places that you can travel to and really get your value for money. From a Sky scanner article and so many other travel websites, Nepal is always rated in the top ten, for the cheapest countries to travel to. From food to accommodation to activities to transportation, you really can make the most out of your money. When you come to a country like this, for budget travelers, it’s obviously great because it means that your money really does go a long way.


Rice plantation festival.

Nepal is home to the kindest people in the world. In Nepal, there is a saying, “अतिथि देवो भव:” (Atithi Devo Bhava), which means guests are the form of Gods. So, from the very saying, you can imagine that you are going to be welcomed as a form of God/Goddess. Not only this, Nepalese people are extremely peaceful and hospitable; they will always try and help tourists whenever they can. It is absolutely a safer place for solo female or family travelers. If you are more safety cautious and always want to visit safer places, then Nepal is the perfect choice for you.


Last but not the least; if you are really interested to experience that entire natural, cultural, and adrenaline adventures in a short time frame; considering every aspect, Nepal, always welcomes you to her. But if you are a person who likes to be confined within your own world and doesn’t want to taste the fruit of the real world then it is not the right place for you!!!

Have a wonderful day!