Tiji Festival

Mountain Biking Upper Mustang and Tiji Festival 2023/2024

Upper Mustang is known as the forbidden Kingdom of Lo and the walled city of Mustang is an isolated and remote place in the Himalayas of Nepal which opened to tourists in 1992. It was a restricted area but open to everyone now can visit travelers there by special permit. There are so many attractions to observe for tourists no matter how you access this mysterious land. you will get amazed by the wonderful settlement of local people, historical caves, antique monasteries, colorful shortens, white-colored houses, serene landscapes, amazing views of the over 6 thousand peaks, Kali river canyons, endless natural mountain biking, and hiking trails, and awesome local hospitality. This amazing place has been keeping centuries-old Tibetan Buddhist culture and heritage alive for us which is one of the rare and precious opportunities to observe the centuries-old ritual practices and lifestyle even now in this modern world. Escaping from your hectic life of the 21 st century and immersing into dated back 17th centuries settlement and lifestyle is definitely going to be an exceptional experience and much better than just an ordinary holiday.

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Packing list for Multi Day Mountain Biking tour in Nepal

There is a proverb ‘practice makes a man perfect’ which tells us the importance of continuous practice in any subject to make better learning by doing. Mountain biking holiday we organize today here in Nepal has been more than 20 years practice to make perfect and better mountain biking holiday each and every ride we go in the new trails and destinations in the Himalayas. We learn each time by practicing to make our biking tour perfect as far as possible by adding full check list though the packing list is never complete. Over on our blog we are trying to provide all the details that need to get you going, no matter which style of mountain biking you will be doing.

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