Buy or Hire Giant Bikes in Pokara- Nepal

In the history bicycle introduced around 1925 AD in Nepal. However mountain biking boosted in around 2005 to 2010 Ad as biker from around the world came to ride mountain biking in the Himalayas.  Our government of Nepal made ‘visit Nepal 2011’that also helped a bit to grown mountain biking popularity. There is no recorded history of first Giant bikes that brought into the country; I guess it must be some of western mountain biker/cycling tourist who came to ride in this amazing Himalayan country. Mountain biking was popular among European and western tourist but since we had earthquake at 2015 AD.  After the earthquake due to some political issues in between India and Nepal, India made a blockade to Nepal for two months which made fuel crisis in the country and motor able vehicle were running less due to fuel crisis, in this period so many Nepalese people bought bicycle as a means of transportation.

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