Tiji Festival

Upper Mustang, Tiji Festival 2020/2021 and Mountain Biking

Upper Mustang is known as the forbidden Kingdom of Lo and the walled city of Mustang is an isolated and remote place on the Himalayas of Nepal which opened to tourists since 1992. It was a restricted area but open to everyone now can visit travelers there by special permit. There are so many attractions to observe for tourists no matter how you access this mysterious land. you will get amazed by the wonderful settlement of local people, historical caves, antique monasteries, colorful shortens, white-colored houses, serene landscapes, amazing views of the over 6 thousand peaks, Kali river canyons, endless natural mountain biking, and hiking trails, and awesome local hospitality. This amazing place has been keeping centuries-old Tibetan Buddhist cultural and heritages alive for us which is one of the rare and precious opportunities to observe the centuries-old ritual practices and lifestyle even now in this modern world. Escaping from your hectic life of the 21 st century and immerse into dated back 17th centuries settlement and lifestyle is definitely going to be an exceptional experience and much better than just an ordinary holiday.

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Packing list for Multi Day Mountain Biking tour in Nepal

There is a proverb ‘practice makes a man perfect’ which tells us the importance of continuous practice in any subject to make better learning by doing. Mountain biking holiday we organize today here in Nepal has been more than 20 years practice to make perfect and better mountain biking holiday each and every ride we go in the new trails and destinations in the Himalayas. We learn each time by practicing to make our biking tour perfect as far as possible by adding full check list though the packing list is never complete. Over on our blog we are trying to provide all the details that need to get you going, no matter which style of mountain biking you will be doing.

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Buy or Hire Giant Bikes in Pokara- Nepal

In the history bicycle introduced around 1925 AD in Nepal. However mountain biking boosted in around 2005 to 2010 Ad as biker from around the world came to ride mountain biking in the Himalayas.  Our government of Nepal made ‘visit Nepal 2011’that also helped a bit to grown mountain biking popularity. There is no recorded history of first Giant bikes that brought into the country; I guess it must be some of western mountain biker/cycling tourist who came to ride in this amazing Himalayan country. Mountain biking was popular among European and western tourist but since we had earthquake at 2015 AD.  After the earthquake due to some political issues in between India and Nepal, India made a blockade to Nepal for two months which made fuel crisis in the country and motor able vehicle were running less due to fuel crisis, in this period so many Nepalese people bought bicycle as a means of transportation.

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Top 5 Mountain Biking tours in Kathmandu valley

Kathmandu valley’s face is known as hustle and bustle, busy street, traffic and dust. However, on the other side of the coin once we get out of the city on a mountain biking tours it offers an amazing opportunities to ride a bike on a peace, tranquil and serene trails in the countryside. There are so many trails to make you wet and sweat, no matter whether you are a novice rider or adrenaline junky to hit the technical trails Kathmandu Valley will have enough trail to address your physical and technical needs. Around Kathmandu valley offers a perfect mountain biking guided tour that can be customized for 5 to 10 days as per individual and groups interest.

Mountain biking in Kathmandu valley has many great landscape, entire valley and Trans Himalayan range view that can be seen from most off the skyline trails where we can explore diversity of the local culture, Mountain biking and cycling through narrow streets to avoid the traffic that will lead us into the pine forest, rhododendron flower filled bushes, challenging uphill, flowy and technical downhill, jeep tracks and villager’s walking trails are the most influencing features of mountain biking tours in Kathmandu. The mountain biking tours can be ridden by entry level bikes to the high end bikes that can hit the perfect trail accordingly to your riding styles.

Here are some of popular mountain biking tours and destination in Kathmandu valley listed below.

1. Shivapuri national park mountain biking

Shivapuri national park situated at Midhills subtropical climate. It has occupies some of historical and religious sites along with hiking and some of the popular mountain biking trails inside the park. We need to pay 10$ as a person and 10$ for the bike. Mountain biking through Shivapuri Park offers many opportunities to see birds, animals and herbs in this forest. In a clear day, it offers magnificent views of the Ganesh Himal and the central and western Himalayan range and on the playground you will be awarded by awesome single track ride.

2. Mountain biking Nagarkot

Nagarkot is very popular among tourist as a sunrise spot; here in our case we can celebrate mountain biking and sunrise tour two in one! Nagarkot is known as breath taking view point to enjoy the Himalayan range. You will be riding through some of the authentic Newari villages, forest, paddy field, farmland and forest. Is depend on the trip where we started that offer plenty of optional ride either to make cross country ride, all mountain or Enduro-downhill trip. You make your day and check with tour operators they offer a mountain biking day guided tours according to your wish.

3. Lakuri Bhanjyang mountain biking tour

It is another scenic mountain biking tour in Kathmandu which is situated eastern part of Kathmandu valley. We have option either ride through jeep track, country road or take a jeep in a certain point to start the ride in order to avoid the traffic. There are many trails; we will ride via eastern stupa and Sundhara. Lakuri Bhanjyang offers an amazing view of the valley and the mountains. It’s a journey to explore the beauty of cycling in Kathmandu valley.

4. Mountain biking tour Kakani hill

Kakani is a popular place for its panoramic view among local also in a recent year locally grown strawberry has become an attraction.it is also became a picnic spot in some special occasions. In our case we can enjoy superb mountain biking experience. We will ride through Nagarjun forest will give you a feeling of refreshment and special energy to pedal uphill toward Trishuli. After a while we will take turn to Kakani where you can have an amazing view of the valley, terraces and mountains. We also can connect Budhanilkantha temple to get an experience Nepalese chanting and blessing.

5. Mountain Biking from Kathmandu to Nuwakot, Trishuli and Pokhara

Trishuli is situated in Nuwakot district which used to be a kingdom and commercial hub around 17th century. However, its became an attraction for mountain biking and hiking and cultural experience. It’s one of the very popular countryside routes to experience real Nepal on a mountain bike and cycling journey. We could do day mountain bike guided tour, overnight and multi-day mountain biking tour. In addition we also can ride all the way to Pokhara via Gorkha, Bandipur and Lamjung district.

If you are planning to ride close to the Himalayas, natural trails, lake, river and rain forest, alpine forest, high altitude ride and deeper into the nature to check your own fitness and skill then you might be interested in mountain biking in Pokhara the gate way to the Annapurna Himalayan region.

Check out Top 5 Mountain biking trails and destination around Pokhara

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Mountain Biking Trails in Pokhara

Top 5 Mountain biking trails and destination around Pokhara

Pokhara has recently became an adventure hub for adrenaline junkies to the recreational traveller that offer so many outdoor opportunities such as mountain biking, hiking, paragliding, water sports and family holiday for domestic and traveller from around the world. Its initially Pokhara was known as a gateway to trekking in Mustang, Annapurna and Dhaulagiri region. Since mountain biking boasted in the region, even local people started to ride mountain biking here in Pokhara itself became one of the best mountain biking destination offering an amazing biking trails around. This amazingly beautiful valley could probably the best mountain biking destination in the world. Here are some of the best mountain biking trails through awesome valleys, hills, lake shore, river bay and villages  which can be ridden all year round- what are you waiting for? You only need to dream for no need make the schedule every day is your riding day all year round.

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Upper Mustang Mountain Biking Holidays

Why Upper Mustang is best for mountain biking holiday in Nepal?

The Upper Mustang, the forbidden kingdom of Lo has become an iconic place and very popular for mountain biking holiday in Nepal which has been attracting many mountain biking lovers, individuals, club, communities and tour operators from around the world. It’s the ideal place to ride on your mountain bike holiday that you can see more and more hidden treasures and untouched lifestyle of Mustang people and amazing landscapes. Upper Mustang was restricted and closed before 1992 to the foreign travellers. It has become of one the best and unique mountain biking in Nepal.

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Nepal Mountain biking tips

Tips for Mountain Biking in Nepal

Mountain Biking in Nepal: Nepal, attracting the attention of the riders all over the world,it is boosting as a mountain biking paradise. It is suitable for family trips, novice, intermediate and professional rider as it offers the trail suited to all the level. Due to its unique topography, it offers one of the awe-inspiring and a lifetime mountain biking experiences.

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Best Mountain Bike Rental in Pokhara, Nepal

Pokhara is the gateway to one of the Majestic trekking trails to Annapurna, Dhaulagiri and the forbidden-Upper Mustang. Due to its unique historical and natural aspects it is considered to be the paradise of Nepal. The towering mountains like Annapurna, Dhaulagiri and the Fishtail offer their mystical beauty to make Pokhara look the most beautiful cities of Nepal. Beside its beauty, Pokhara offers a clean, hassle free and the most peaceful environment. Simply, it is the most blessed town, in terms of Outdoor activities like Mountain biking, Hiking, Paragliding, Boating and many more. Pokhara is known as adventure sports and recreational hub among travelers from all over the world.

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Biking the Annapurna Circuit – A Ride to Remember

The Annapurna Circuit – a must for any self-professing nature / mountain / travel / culture-curious enthusiast – but BIKING must be the best way to do it.


1 – The scenery

It’s difficult for words to do it justice. Jaw dropping. Stunning. Unique. Varied. Most days, everywhere I look, snow capped peaks of 6000m+ dominate my view; others, I’m biking over what feels like Saharan desert-esque single track; next, I’m riding along old trading routes through orchards, timeless villages or welcoming guesthouses; then there are a jeep track that remind me how much the area is changing. No two days are the same, no morning and afternoon have the same feel. It’s a truly epic journey.

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Mountain Biking Tour in Nepal

Top 5 Mountain biking tours and trips in Nepal

Initially Nepal known as trekking destination since Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenjing Shepa mapped Everest; similarly Annapurna Himalayan range was explored for trekking around in 1950’s. In a recent year, Nepal is not limited only for trekking rather mountain biking holidays has been boosted that Nepal is widely recognized as one of the best mountain biking playground in the world, which has ranked in top ten mountain biking destination. Mountain biking in Nepal is not only offers the ages old existing natural trails, further more amazing culture, nature, high mountain, adventure and warm hearted local people will make your mountain biking in Nepal so so special like nowhere in the world.

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