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Welcome to Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventure!

“Wheels of our life and wheels of our bike”

We are a prominent local Mountain biking company with extensive knowledge of the Himalayas, many trails in and around Pokhara valley and all over Nepal. We offer world class service on mountain biking in Nepal, always striving for excellence in our profession. With more than 14 years of experience in Mountain biking, our persistently dedicated team of passionate local riders has made Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventure (PMTBA) one of the industry’s leading companies in mountain biking and outdoor activities in Pokhara, Nepal.

Located on the thriving hub of Hallan Chowk, just meters away from famous Fewa Lake, our shop and colleagues will offer you a detailed portrayal not only of our quality bikes and services, but our personalized packages, guided tours and memories that will last for a lifetime. PMTBA is officially registered with the Government of Nepal Tourism Board, Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN), District Sports Council, and Cycling Association. Owner Jagan Biswakarma and his expert team of MTB ambassadors are either working hard at the shop or on a saddle looking for new trails, all year round always seeking to improve their products and services and your experience

To ensure excellence in service and also to address the outdoor needs of our guests, our company has four major components to address different aspects of our business.

We have:

Major components and what they mean to our guests


PMTB Center is the sister concern of Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventure, and our local shop where you can access all the information you need to plan your next adventure. The key roles of the center include: training new employees, ordering new bikes and parts, sales and repair, maintaining availability of accessory equipment and bikes and gear rentals. Our MTB center is located on Lakeside Street at Hallan Chowk.


PMTB Adventure handles mountain biking tours, expeditions and cultural experiences. It is our largest hub for adventure-based MTB activities and tours and the backbone of our business. We strive to keep our Team and community projects sustainable to promote mountain biking in Nepal. We take pride in sharing our playground with likeminded riders/people from all over the world. Our most popular rides are day, over-night and multi-day tours throughout the Himalaya regions such as Annapurna, Mustang, Upper Mustang, Manaslu and Dolpo region.


Mountain biking and trekking are inter-related disciplines which offer different experiences out in nature on the same trails. Sometimes it is more fun to combine a hike and bike trip. So PMTB Trekking is here to make the trip either combined or separate for those who like to include other outdoor activities along with Mountain biking such as trekking/hiking/rafting or a Jungle Safari.

As an outfitter, we have experience organizing trekking trips to Annapurna, Manaslu, Everest, and Mustang, Upper Mustang and Dolpo regions, including multi-adventure trips with rides, hikes, rafting and a Jungle Safari. We have three-day to three week treks to Annapurna, Annapurna Base Camp, Poon Hill, Everest and Manaslu regions. We are enthusiastic and take full responsibility to organize any and all outdoor activities for our guests without any hassles. You will save time and money by allowing us to organize all your outdoor activities. Plus, have a great time with our fun, entertaining and knowledgeable guides!

Trekking routes:


PMTB started an initiative to create a club among locals to train children/youth as a giving back to the community project. A group of like-minded people came together to deliver community-based projects designed to educate, inspire and motivate our local kids through outdoor activities. We offer free MTB coaching, skills training and biking opportunities as well as educational support to those children who otherwise would have no access to mountain biking activities and education. We believe every little thing we do here has meaning and it is a core responsibility to contribute to the development of the mountain biking community. Truly, Mountain Biking in Nepal is still a very young sport and we have so many lessons to learn to develop Mountain biking here.

In our case, we like to transfer our knowledge to new children and youth so that they will see opportunities in the Mountain biking industry. We also want to spread the message to preserve nature by riding bicycles. We would like to deliver a message to our community that mountain biking has huge potential in eco-tourism, economic growth and also nourishing and creating a physically and mentally sound society. For this purpose, Pokhara Mountain Bike Club provides free coaching, ride and skills camps to our school children.

“Our mission is to cultivate an environmentally friendly society with an ethical and responsible mindset among local youths by promoting cycling culture and mountain biking tourism that will help to boost the local economy and healthy citizens, with a fitness-based active lifestyle. Furthermore, we aim to promote mountain biking among children in a school based approach, so that our future generations may participate in the Olympic championships, from Nepal.”

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We were nominated and proudly won Holiday & Tour Specialist and the Best Bike Tour Operator of the Year for Nepal! for 2016.

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